Hospice of Kona Foundation's, Maluihi Grief Service provides bereavement services to West Hawai‘i residents seeking support, understanding and education on how to manage the emotions surrounding the death of a loved one. The Service provides individual counseling, group support and memorial events designed for those who have experienced the death of a loved one. "Our approach embraces the mind, body, and soul through a variety of holistic programs." All services are offered free of charge to youth and adults, hospice families and community members impacted by the loss of someone close to them. However donations are always appreciated.


“We’re so excited to provide a comfortable, home-like setting for those needing grief support,” said Laura Varney, Hospice of Kona CEO. “We’ve developed the Service to be somewhere bereaved people connect and heal.”


It is our hope that we may help you:

•Understand your own unique grief process

•Uncover ways to deal with intense emotions

•Discover a place to talk about your loved one

•Find something to do in this world with your loss



Bereavement services include:

• Loss of Child Group

• Loss of Spouse/Partner Group

• Grief and the Arts Programs

• Grief Explorations

• Grief Hikes

• Grief Movie Nights

• Grief Support in Schools


Annual events include:

• Grief and the Holidays

• The Circle of Remembrance

• Camp Erin Hawai'i


The Service is available by appointment only. The Service has individualized and group support. Before attending any group, please contact us to determine if that group is right for you.


Call: 808-731-4850 or Email: Info@HospiceOfKona.org

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